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For those of you who have visited our office on a Friday, you may have noticed the casual attire. Rather than it being a way of gradually easing into the weekend, it is actually all for a good cause.

The team at Bentleys Sunshine Coast are very pleased to support a charity that is dear to our heart. So often you hear of the misuse of charity funds and the exorbitant “administration” fees so we are very proud to support an organisation that we know actually uses the donations for the intended purposes. 

As a “fine” for wearing casual dress, all staff members make a gold coin contribution that raises funds for Encouragement House, a Timor based charity that gives children the chance of an education they otherwise would have never received.

Many outer lying villages in Timor do not have the facilities for children to go to school after Primary School - and to get to the closest High School generally involves many hours (up to six!) of walking each way. Encouragement House was built so that these children had the opportunity to attend High School. To find out more about Encouragement House and how you can help, please visit their website http://encouragementfoundation.org/international-projects/encouragement-house/

encouragement house

encouragement house