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What is Estate Planning?

The common misconception about Estate Planning is that it’s just about having a will in place.  The reality is much more complex.

Estate planning gives you peace of mind that your affairs will be in order if you die unexpectedly or become unable to manage your affairs. The structure of an estate plan will vary according to your personal circumstances, but every estate plan has the same goal - to ensure your accumulated assets are managed and transferred according to your wishes in the most financially efficient and tax effective way.

Estate planning will:

  • provide for and protect loved ones with specific needs, including children
  • ensure your children’s inheritance receives increased protection if a relationship breaks down
  • ensure you receive professional advice on how to structure your assets to gain available tax advantages
  • ensure your wishes are recorded in legally binding documents, free from ambiguity; and
  • provide you with peace of mind knowing, should you die or be unable to legally manage your affairs, that they will be managed by someone you trust.

Dying without a legally valid Will, called ‘dying intestate’, can be costly and create added stress for loved ones at an already difficult time.  Certain life events, such as marriage, divorce or the birth of a child, can also trigger the need for estate planning advice or a review of your existing plan.

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Estate Planning

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