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It is now more important than ever to keep up to date with technology - and given the pace of change this is no easy feat!

Our Partner Peta Grenfell and our Practice Manager Tina Clarke recently attended the Accountants Technology Showcase Australia (ATSA 2014) in Melbourne. This is Australia’s only independent technology event for accountants and allows accountants to meet with software providers and get a glimpse into their ideas for the future as well as all of the options currently available.

The message coming from the ATO, as well as the software providers, is that cloud based technology and automation is the future for us all.

Cloud based accounting programs are already available and offer some great advantages:

  • You are always on the ‘latest version’ and there is no need update your software
  • You don’t have to back up your data, this is done for you
  • Information may be able to be fed into your program from your bank, saving you bookkeeping time
  • The information can be accessed by you, your bookkeeper, your accountant and your staff (where needed) simultaneously from anywhere in real time.  
  • Different user levels ensure access is relevant to the person accessing the system.

As with anything, there are also some limitations:

  • You need a good reliable internet connection if you want to access your data. If there is no internet there is no access
  • The cost can be higher when compared to purchasing software out of a box

While cloud based technologies may sound new to some of us, we have all been using it for many years through things like internet banking. Cloud based simply means you access software that is held on someone else’s server via a web browser.

If you have not updated your software for some time, or want to know what your options are (particularly with all the talk about cloud based software options), give us a call and we can let you know what’s available for you.

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