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As part of the Bentleys Network we have access to a range of Specialists who can assist our clients with more than just tax. We recently had the pleasure of meeting two of such people who are based in our Brisbane office and have expertise we feel could benefit some of our clients.

Research and Development Tax Incentives:

Companies that try to do or make something that hasn’t been done before + creates new knowledge by following a path from concept to conclusion with measurable experimental outcomes may be eligible to apply for a Research and Development Tax incentive. So if your business is producing something new, contact our office and we can put you in touch with Ilona. She can help you identify whether you might be eligible and assist you with the application process.

Systems Development:

Not sure your systems are as efficient as they could be? Does your existing software have all the functionality that you require? Would you like to data mine your information to assist you with complex business analysis but not sure how? Hasi is the Business Systems Advisor with Bentleys. He’s available to assist clients with special projects that could increase the efficiency of your systems. If you think Hasi could help you, please contact our office and we can arrange a meeting with him.

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