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Scam emails are commonplace nowadays. You can usually spot them a mile off by their less than professional look and bad spelling. But these scammers are getting more and more savvy. In our office, we have state of the art spam protection and filters and yet we still have some spam that slips through.

We’ve had 2 such instances recently which highlight the importance of being vigilant and not clicking on any emails that you aren’t 100% sure about.

ASIC Scam Emails:

We received the below email – but were tipped off by the fact that the ‘from’ email address was odd. A check on the ASIC website confirmed that this was in fact a scam email.

scam email

Payment Scam Emails:

We also received an email which looked like it had come from the CEO of Bentleys. The email was asking how long it would take for us to pay an invoice. Thinking it had been sent to the wrong office, we emailed him back to let him know – and within seconds we had received a response, saying that no, it was for us and that they needed a payment made urgently. These scammers had both the CEO’s details and the name and email address of our accounts payable person and was banking on the fact that we would authorise a payment quickly – no doubt to their bank account. Luckily, we weren’t fooled by this – but you can see how sophisticated these scammers are getting.

Lesson’s learned:

  1. If you receive an email you weren’t expecting or aren’t completely sure about, then don’t open it.  Delete it!
  2. Check the ‘from’ email address – if it’s not the senders’ usual email address, has typos or seems quite random, then chances are it’s a hoax.
  3. Don’t click on any links that you aren’t sure of.
  4. Ensure that your virus protection is kept up to date at all times. Scams and viruses morph quite quickly but a reputable virus protection provider will update their software to protect against these.
  5. Downloading software updates can also help to protect your computer. The recent crypto virus affected some organisations who were running outdated versions of Windows. Ensuring that you keep your software current means that the security settings are being updated as new threats arise.

General Advice

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