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The OSR is currently auditing businesses to check they are correctly reporting their Payroll Tax.  Think you are correctly reporting? It might be a good idea to double check, because many are being caught out unexpectedly.

The target of their audits are primarily contractors.  And, as with most state government taxes, their definitions are exceptionally wide, and in many instances, seem uncommercial and unfair.  But unfortunately, that is not an excuse for not reporting!

The definition of an employee for Payroll tax purposes includes all contractors (even those that are contracting to you through a company or trust) unless they meet one of the nine exemptions.  Details of the exemptions can be found here.  We recommend you take the time to check you are correctly reporting payroll tax on your contractors. 

If you find this all very confusing, you are not alone.  Give us a call and we can help you with your calculations, or even ‘audit’ your contractors to check you are compliant before the OSR comes knocking!

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